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X Rave Goddess Original

X Rave Goddess Original

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Rave Goddess is the face & creation to what first started our journey as an artist creative & company. As an artist this amazing art piece was brought to life in 2020 during the pandemic when the world shut down. We had time to go back to our roots & explore who we are as an individual. Having the time on hands I explored what was once as a child my favorite hobby  painting. Shared to close friends many loved the image & prints were sold. Rave Goddess is inspired after.. well what is art if not for the beholder of the eye & consciousness for them to decide. She holds a value close to me which makes it hard to let her go but if this piece was to ever find another home I know whoever was to buy her would take great care of her at the cost. The funds would be used towards expanding our company Rave Goddess to new horizons. 

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